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#EU離脱延期 #brexit

6 days
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The people of Britain have voted, when is the political class going to give effect to that vote" - US national secu…

about 22 hours
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Conservative Peter Bone tells PM she has a choice: "Honour" the wishes of the British people by allowing the UK to…

about 5 hours
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Michel Barnier: "Everyone should now finalise all preparations for a no-deal scenario"

EU's chief #Brexit negotiat…

1 day
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The collective failure of leadership over #Brexit isn’t just the short-termism of @theresa_may or @jeremycorbyn. It…

about 20 hours
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We are in a national crisis of such magnitude the House of Commons should sit on Saturday. MPs will also appreciate…

about 2 hours
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'Vote Leave’ have just been fined £40,000 for sending out nearly 200,000 unsolicited text messages. Now it’s clear…

about 21 hours
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The press has got to stop portraying Theresa May's stubbornness as if it were a virtue when it's just a symptom of…

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Here it is, on the record - as of this morning, @GovUK is now stockpiling insulin ahead of the catastrophe of a no…

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Bring on the tsunami of tears #Brexit

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#Brexit is no longer the will of the people....

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