Black inventors, heroes, and leaders are often left out of history. Ask yourself as you're learning...who is the fo… https://t.co/pQwljNzrpH

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Former US Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are volunteering to get their Covid-19 vaccines… https://t.co/InIKILW8ws

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JUST IN: The House of Representatives has passed legislation that would decriminalize marijuana and seek to “addres… https://t.co/CRxZbFr0EQ

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Kyle Rittenhouse has been ordered to stand trial in the fatal shooting of two men and the wounding of another in Au… https://t.co/s2QZjOMGgb

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The Trump administration must accept new DACA applications and return to two-year renewals, a federal judge has ord… https://t.co/23x8vOsorU

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In light of the multiple crises Biden is inheriting, @JakeTapper asked, "what does it feel like... what's the emoti… https://t.co/TrIwuTqM2L

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President-elect Biden tells Jake Tapper he will ask all Americans to wear masks for the first 100 days after he tak… https://t.co/eV8tGp0IQt

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The Trump administration must post a public notice that it will accept new applications for the Obama-era program s… https://t.co/B4as4p5SmH

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White House exodus begins even as Trump continues to baselessly claim victory https://t.co/Om99HF9vbi

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#KAI 「KAI - The 1st Mini Album」配信中✨

音楽だけではなくドラマ、バラエティなど幅広い分野で多芸多才な魅力を発揮するEXOのKAIが、デビュー9年目で初のソロアルバムを発表。多彩な雰囲気の6曲をご堪… https://t.co/vNAWADViLI

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